Management Team

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Senior management
Name Title Telephone Number
David O'Toole President and CEO 613-694-6500
Diverty, Brent Vice President, Programs 613-694-6501
Heick, Caroline Executive Director, Ontario and Quebec and Primary Health Care Information 416-549-5517
MacDonald, Georgina Vice President, Western Canada and Developmental Initiatives 250-220-2211
Morris, Kathleen Vice President, Research and Analysis 416-549-5459
Kerr, Corbin Vice President and Chief Information Officer   416-549-5575
Ogilvie, Louise Vice President, Corporate Services 613-694-6503
O'Reilly, Stephen Executive Director, Atlantic Canada and Integrated eReporting 709-733-7064
Blunden, Elizabeth Director, Human Resources and Administration 613-694-6504
Brasileiro, Herbet Director, ITS Product Delivery 416-549-5415
Denny, Keith Acting Director, Clinical Data Standards and Quality 613-694-6616
Dosis, Angela Director, Digital Strategy 416-549-5502
Gaucher, Michael Director, Pharmaceuticals and Health Workforce Information Services 613-694-6561
Harvey, Jean Director, Canadian Population Health Initiative  613-694-6367
Harvey, Kimberly Director, Integration Services 416-549-5531
Hunt, Michael Director, Health Spending and Strategic Initiatives 613-694-6428
Johnson, Tracy Director, Health System Analysis and Emerging Issues 416-549-5406
Leeb, Kira Director, Health System Performance 416-549-5389
Marcoux, Cal Chief Information Security Officer 416-549-5514
Phillips, Anne-Mari Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel 613-694-6294
Poirier, Chantal Director, Finance 613-694-6470
Roy, Francine Anne Director, Strategy and Operations 613-694-6432
Webster, Greg Director, Acute and Ambulatory Care Information Services 416-549-5508
Yeo, Douglas Director, Methodologies and Specialized Care 613-694-6269
Name Title Telephone Number
Atkinson, Steve Manager, Research and Analytic Projects 250-220-2213
Ballinger, Geoff Manager, Physicians Information 613-694-6276
Beach, Cheryl Manager, Client Affairs, B.C. and Yukon 250-220-2212
Byrnes, Mary Manager, Primary Health Care Information 416-549-5488
Chapman, Ann Manager, Programs Strategic Initiatives 613-694-6460
Couris, Chantal Manager, Indicator Research and Development 416-549-5521
D´Silva, Jennifer Manager, Emerging Issues 416-549-5329
Dalloo, Adrian Manager, Home and Continuing Care Standards and Support 613-694-6389
Damiano, Natalie Manager, Integrated eReporting 613-694-6492
de Alwis, Ruhuni Manager, Web Services 416-549-5362
de Guia, Nicole Manager, Joint Replacement and Multiple Sclerosis Registries 416-549-5545
Domingues, Paulo Manager, Architecture and Standards 416-549-5682
Filion, Joanna Manager, Communications 613-694-6613
Gapanenko, Katerina Manager, Health System Research 416-549-5579
Gerard, Jeannette Manager, Common Services 416-549-5566
Gula, Cheryl Manager, Health Reports 416-549-5455
Gurevich, Yana Manager, Health Indicators and Client Support 416-549-5446
Hollett, Grant Manager, Client Affairs, Alberta 250-220-2204
Hunt, Jordan Manager, Pharmaceuticals 613-694-6436
Hynes, Geoff Manager, Canadian Population Health Initiative 613-694-6436
Beach, Cheryl Manager, Client Affairs, B.C. and Yukon 250-220-2212
Kaye, Janine Manager, Portal Services 613-694-6598
Kelly, Maureen Manager, Data Quality 613-694-6588
Krilis-Galanis, Penny Manager, Human Resources 416-549-5535
Kuchciak, Christopher Manager, Health Expenditures 613-694-6266
Lacroix, Jeanie Manager, Performance Improvement and Capacity Building 416-549-5376
Lalonde, Louise Manager, Client Affairs, Manitoba and Nunavut 250-220-2209
Lemay, Claude Manager, Client Affairs, Quebec 514-842-7330
Levesque, Jeff Manager, Infrastructure Services 613-694-6507
Linton, Cassandra Classifications and Terminologies Operations 416-549-5202
Maclean, Kent Manager, Education and Conferences 613-694-6292
MacKenzie, Kathleen Manager, ITS Planning and Governance 416-549-5288
Madi, Nawaf Manager, Rehabilitation and Mental Health 613-694-6314
Mitchell, Sandra Manager, Governance and Strategy 613-694-6409
Mosher, Cindy Manager, Client Affairs, Newfoundland and Labrador and P.E.I. 709-733-7061
Nicolson, Dawn Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Health Workforce and Spending (ITS Product Delivery branch) 416-549-5332
O'Sullivan, Rachelle Manager, Client Affairs, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 902-492-4403
Pal, Agnita Manager, Clinical Administrative Databases Operations 416-549-5427
Parayre, Roxanne Manager, Corporate Administration 416-549-5283
Paris, Connie Manager, Home and Continuing Care Data Management 613-694-6418
Pillar, Brian Manager, Procurement 613-694-6512
Porter, Andrea Manager, Health Workforce Information 613-694-6544
Proietti, Christine Manager, Specialized and Primary Care, Registries, Research and Analysis (ITS Product Delivery branch) 416-549-5513
Qiao, Simon Manager, Technology Services 416-549-5417
Rajabi, Porya Manager, Integrated Online Analytics 416-549-5290
Robertson, Nathalie Manager, Financial Standards and Information 613-694-6212
Sajan, Paul Manager, Prescription Drug Abuse 613-694-6368
Silva Alves, Dora Manager, Publishing and Translation  613-694-6420
Stewart, Ross Manager, Corporate Solutions 613-694-6400
Strachan, Jill Manager, Client Affairs, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories 250-220-2207
Tracy, Sharon Manager, Central Client Services 416-549-5543
Tsui, Isabel Manager, Clinical Administrative Databases Development/Expansion 416-549-5527
Valko, Anatoliy Manager, Acute Care, Clinical Data Standards and Methodologies (ITS Product Delivery branch) 416-549-5593
Waugh, Krista Controller 613-694-6569
Wu, Juliana Manager, Decision Support, CORR and Trauma Registries 416-549-5486
Zinck, Greg Manager, Case Mix 613-694-6489

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