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Here is the management team at CIHI:


Joseph Emmanuel Amuah Manager, Your Health System Content 613-694-6342
Steve Atkinson Manager, Analytics and Research Projects 250-220-2213
Sharon Baker Manager, Classifications and Terminologies — Development 613-694-6301
Geoff Ballinger Manager, Physicians Information 613-694-6276
Kim Brennan Controller 613-694-6281
Mary Byrnes Manager, Primary Health Care Information 416-549-5488
Ann Chapman Manager, Programs Strategic Initiatives 613-694-6460
Deborah Cohen Manager, Office of the President and CEO 613-694-6300
Bob Cote Manager, Quality Assurance 416-549-5548
Lezlee Cribb Manager, Specialized Care Development 613-694-6312
Jennifer D’Silva Manager, Emerging Issues 416-549-5329
Adrian Dalloo Manager, Specialized Care Standards and Engagement 613-694-6389
Kinga David Manager, Client Affairs—Quebec 514-842-7326
Nicole de Guia Manager, Joint Replacement Registry, Patient Reported Outcomes and Experiences 416-549-5545
Paulo Domingues Manager, Infrastructure Business Operations 416-549-5682
Joshua Fagbemi Manager, Thematic Priorities 416-549-5479
Joanna Filion Manager, Communications 613-694-6613
Randall Fransoo Manager, Client Affairs—Manitoba and Nunavut 204-899-6833
Katerina Gapanenko Manager, Analytic Techniques and Tools 416-549-5579
Nancy Gault Manager, Client Affairs - British Columbia and Yukon 250-220-2213
Nicholas Gnidziejko Manager, Clinical Administrative Databases Operations 416-549-5427
Vanita Gorzkiewicz Manager, Monitoring of Shared Health Priorities 416-549-5240
Jacqueline Graham Manager, Digital Content and Channel Management 416-549-5445
Claudiu Grecu Manager, Enterprise Architecture and Standards 416-549-5208
Jean-Louis Guertin Manager, Information Security 613-694-6572
Steve Guest Manager, Digital Products and Engagement 613-694-6544
Yana Gurevich Manager, Health Indicators and Client Support 416-549-5446
Grant Hollett Manager, Client Affairs—Alberta 250-220-2204
Jordan Hunt Manager, Pharmaceuticals 613-694-6436
Liudmila Husak Manager, Health Reports 416-549-5339
Geoff Hynes Manager, Canadian Population Health Initiative 613-694-6488
Malina Iftimie Manager, Applied Architecture 416-549-5665
Andy Ip Manager, Human Resources 416-549-5248
Janine Kaye Manager, Data Governance and Standards Office 613-694-6598
Maureen Kelly Manager, Information Quality 613-694-6588
Christopher Kuchciak Manager, Health Expenditures 613-694-6266
Jeanie Lacroix Manager, Indicator Research and Development 416-549-5376
Cassandra Linton Manager, Classifications and Terminologies — Operations 416-549-5202
Kent Maclean Manager, Education and Conferences 613-694-6292
Doreen MacNeil Manager, Performance Improvement and Capacity-Building 902-429-9088
Lynn McNeely Manager, Health Workforce Information 613-694-6641
Saul Melamed Manager, Client Affairs—Ontario 416-549-5683
Ana Cristina Moreira Manager, Information Integration and Intelligence Products 416-549-5549
Cindy Mosher Manager, Client Affairs—Newfoundland and Labrador and P.E.I. 709-221-6180
Carl Neustaedter Manager, Creative and Language Services 613-694-6242
Martin Ortuzar Manager, Data Acquisition Products 416-549-5436
Rachelle O’Sullivan Manager, Client Affairs—Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 902-492-4403
Roxanne Parayre Manager, Corporate Products 416-549-5283
Anne-Marie Parent Manager, Governance and Strategy 613-694-6841
Brian Pillar Manager, Procurement 613-694-6512
Philippe Poitras Manager, Specialized Care Data Management 613-694-6649
Christine Proietti Manager, Commitment and Planning 416-549-5513
Simon Qiao Manager, Infrastructure and Technology Services 416-549-5417
Salman Qureshi Manager, Project Management Office 416-549-5468
Nathalie Robertson Manager, Client Engagement and Support 613-694-6212
Yvonne Roseheart Manager, Case Mix 613-694-6636
Paul Sajan Manager, Patient Engagement  613-694-6368
Piraba Santhiralingam Manager, Finance Business Partner Services 613-694-6331
Brian Schnarch Manager, Indigenous Health 613-694-6370
Dora Silva Alves Manager, Digital Experience 613-694-6420
Jill Strachan Manager, Client Affairs—Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories 250-220-2207
Rhonda Thibault Manager, Pay and Benefits Services 613-694-6339
Isabel Tsui Manager, Clinical Administrative Databases Development/Expansion 416-549-5527
Krista Waugh Manager, Finance Development and Strategic Projects 613-694-6569
Margaret Wolodarski Manager, Corporate Administration 613-694-6233
Juliana Wu Manager, Decision Support, CORR and Trauma Registries 416-549-5486
Greg Zinck Manager, Financial Standards and Information 613-694-6489