Latest News and Articles en <a href="/en/cihi-updates-annual-indicators-and-data" hreflang="en">CIHI updates annual indicators and data</a> <time datetime="00Z" class="datetime">May 28, 2020</time> &lt;p&gt;Updated annual health system data and health indicator results are now available.&lt;/p&gt; CIHI <a href="/en/canadian-family-doctors-providing-better-access-to-care-lagging-behind-in-offering-digital-services" hreflang="en">Canadian family doctors providing better access to care, lagging behind in offering digital services </a> <time datetime="00Z" class="datetime">January 30, 2020</time> &lt;p&gt;This media release highlights key findings about access to primary care from the 2019 Commonwealth Fund&#039;s survey of primary care physicians in 11 countries, including Canada.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt; CIHI <a href="/en/larger-portion-of-canadas-public-drug-dollars-spent-on-high-cost-drugs" hreflang="en">Larger portion of Canada’s public drug dollars spent on high-cost drugs</a> <time datetime="00Z" class="datetime">December 17, 2019</time> &lt;p&gt;New data highlights that the proportion of Canada’s public drug spending that is for high-cost drugs continues to grow.&lt;/p&gt; CIHI