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Health spending keeps growing slowly
Prescribed drug spending increases
13 Canadians hospitalized each day for opioid poisoning
Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals
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Find out more about Canada’s health workforce

How many occupational therapists currently work in Canada? Have more pharmacists joined Canada’s workforce? What is the gender split of physiotherapists? Learn more about these professionals, plus medical radiation and medical laboratory technologists, in our 2015 Health Workforce Information data release.

How do we ensure quality data?

One way that we ensure quality — and that we are a trusted source of data — is through collaboration with our data suppliers. In addition, we produce annual data quality reports to assess the contribution of each province and territory to 11 of our databases. These reports are shared with the deputy ministers of health and key jurisdictional representatives from across the country. This reference guide describes the indicators and methodology used in these reports.

Nursing Data Standards Symposium Proceedings

The Canadian Nurses Association, Canada Health Infoway and CIHI — with support from the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association and the University of Toronto — recently co-sponsored a symposium focused on clinical practice, administration, nursing education, research and policy. Its goal: develop an action plan for moving forward on the collection and use of nursing data standards in Canada. Learn more in the National Nursing Data Standards Symposium Proceedings.

A Focus on Seniors — Webinar series

Examine health indicators and how you can use them to address issues related to seniors’ health care. Gain insight into indicator frameworks, how these can guide indicator selection and use, and how organizations use health system performance data to develop action plans for improvement. Log in to CIHI’s Learning Centre to register for one of these sessions:

Part 3: January 24, 2017
* This web conference series is being recorded. Visit the Learning Centre for more information.


Your Health System: Insight

Insight combines the power of CIHI’s rich comparative health data with user-friendly business intelligence software and puts it at the fingertips of health care planners, managers and analysts.

What types of questions can Insight help you answer?

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