A patient's experience provides valuable insight

Understanding a patient's experience when he or she receives health care is integral to improving patient-centred care. Capturing and reporting this information is an important part of CIHI's overall health system performance measurement efforts. That is why CIHI developed the Canadian Patient Experiences Survey—Inpatient Care (CPES-IC) and the Canadian Patient Experiences Reporting System (CPERS). CIHI is also working with stakeholders to explore the potential for expansion to other care settings.

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Inpatient care

Canadian Patient Experiences Survey — Inpatient Care  

In Canada, many jurisdictions conduct patient experience surveys using a variety of tools and data collection methods.

To support pan-Canadian comparisons of patient experience, CIHI worked with representatives from Canadian jurisdictions—particularly the Inter-Jurisdictional Patient Satisfaction Group—and other leading experts in the field to develop a standardized questionnaire. This enables patients to provide feedback about the quality of care they received during their most recent stay in a Canadian acute care hospital. It also provides standards and supporting documentation for those who are administering the survey.

The Canadian Patient Experiences Survey — Inpatient Care (CPES-IC) has been endorsed by Accreditation Canada and meets the accreditation requirements for patient experience surveying. The survey includes

  • 22 items from the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey
  • 19 questions that address key areas relevant to the Canadian context (e.g., discharge and transitions)
  • 7 questions to collect demographic information

Read more about the PDF iconsurvey development process and consultation.

This is a PDF Canadian Patient Experiences Survey—Inpatient Care Terms of Use

CPES-IC Survey Procedure Manual

The Canadian Patient Experiences Survey—Inpatient Care Procedure Manual provides guidelines to administer the CPES-IC in the field and outlines information about population sampling methods and surveying modes.

Canadian Preliminary Core Patient-Reported Experience Measures

CIHI collaborated with the national and international research community and expert organizations to develop the  Canadian Preliminary Core Patient-Reported Experience Measures: Acute Inpatient Care, April 2015. Patient-reported experience measures (PREMS), which capture the patient's views about his or her experiences while receiving care, are designed to allow comparative performance measurement and to support quality improvement in health care services across Canada. During 2015–2016, field test data will be used to validate these measures.

Canadian Patient Experiences Reporting System (CPERS)

CIHI's CPERS is Canada's first pan-Canadian reporting system for patient experience data. CPERS is now accepting data for inpatient care based on the CPES-IC survey. 

Jurisdictions are encouraged to work with their vendor of choice and to submit survey data directly to CIHI. Vendors can request detailed data submission requirements by contacting us at help@cihi.ca.

The Canadian Patient Experiences Survey—Inpatient Care Data Dictionary Manual was a critical first deliverable for the development of the CPERS. It identifies information that should be collected by this system to capture the patient's experience in hospital. The CPES-IC Data Dictionary Manual contains a description of this information, known as the CPES-IC Minimum Data Set (MDS).

This includes

  • Data elements to capture patients' responses to survey questions
  • Information on the methods and processes used to administer the survey
  • Administrative information needed to support analysis and reporting


Metadata is information about data. It helps users understand and interpret data from a specific source.

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Patient experience across other sectors

CIHI is working closely with jurisdictions across Canada to understand the need to measure patient experience across other sectors.

Long-term care

Building on the work done for inpatient care, CIHI is facilitating discussions on moving toward a standardized patient experience questionnaire for long-term care facilities across Canada.

Find out more:

Patient-Reported Experience Measures: Long-Term Care

For more information on tools and surveys that help measure patient experience in long-term care, please contact us at prems@cihi.ca.

Primary health care

For more information on tools and surveys that help measure patient experience in primary care, please visit our Primary Health Care page.  

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