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About physiotherapists

Physiotherapists or physical therapists (PTs) are regulated, evidence-based, primary health care providers who aim to prevent, assess and treat the impact of injury, disease and/or disorders in movement and function. PTs work to promote optimal mobility; help improve physical activity and overall health and wellness; prevent disease, injury and disability; manage acute and chronic conditions; manage activity limitations and participation restrictions; improve and maintain optimal functional independence and physical performance; rehabilitate injury and the effects of disease or disability; and educate clients and plan maintenance and support programs to prevent reoccurrence, reinjury or functional decline.

PTs work in a broad range of private and public settings providing client and/or population health interventions as well as management, education, research and consultation services.Reference1

CIHI collects record-level, standardized, comparative data on the supply, demographics, geographic and distribution characteristics, and education and employment details of PTs in Canada. To find out more about CIHI’s PT data, visit the Health Workforce Database metadata page.

Learn more about PTs in our recent releases on the health workforce (data tables) and Canada’s health care providers.


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