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Here’s what you’ll need to know about submitting interRAI assessment data to CIHI.

What you can do

Data Submission Deadlines
Reporting period Early submission deadline (allowing 2 weeks for error correction) Final Submission deadline (including error correction deadline) eReports updated
Quarter 1 April to June August 15 August 31 Mid-September
Quarter 2 July to September November 15 November 30 Mid-December
Quarter 3 October to December February 14 February 28 Mid-March
Quarter 4 January to March May 15 May 31 Mid-June

These submission deadline dates are for organizations submitting directly to CIHI via Electronic Data Submission Services (eDSS). Organizations submitting to their jurisdiction or region need to contact their regional or ministry representative for information on data submission deadlines.

How CIHI can help

  • CIHI helps inform business requirements for data collection and submission.
  • CIHI provides education and training on submitting interRAI data.
  • We can help you create a CIHI profile and request access to services.
  • Our client service experts provide ongoing support to help organizations submit data. We troubleshoot as needed.
  • For organizations that are implementing the new interRAI suite, CIHI helps develop an interim data submission process until automated processes are in place.