This project is a partnership between CIHI and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) aimed at answering the question “how often do patients experience harm in hospital?”

The result is a report, Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals, that introduces a new measure of potentially preventable harm in hospitals. The measure is linked to an improvement resource containing evidence-informed practices that can reduce the occurrence of harm. Providing an overview of the status of these patient safety events in Canada (outside of Quebec *), the report identifies how the data and associated improvement resource can be used for improvement.

The Hospital Harm Improvement Resource is a compilation of resources to complement the Hospital Harm measure. It links measurement and improvement by providing evidence-informed resources that will support patient safety and improvement efforts.

Through this collaboration, decision-makers, hospital executives, clinicians and policy-makers will have access to important information on patient safety in acute care hospitals and how to improve it.

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* Data from Quebec is excluded due to methodological issues.