Digital report delivers CIHI’s first comprehensive look at this complex illness and its effects on seniors, caregivers and health systems


Newfoundland and Labrador resident Catherine Ann, 41, kisses her mother, Isabel, 81, on her forehead. Isabel is in the terminal stages of dementia.


How dementia impacts Canadians

The number of seniors living with dementia across Canada is rising steadily, as is the number of challenges facing health systems.

Dementia care across the health system

Discover the types of challenges seniors living with dementia face at home, in long-term care and in hospitals.

Spotlight on dementia issues

Find out how family doctors feel about their preparedness to help seniors living with dementia, the role income may play in falls, challenges in palliative and end-of-life care, and more.

Unpaid caregiver challenges and supports

Learn about factors leading to caregiver distress, and read caregivers’ stories about the issues they face every day as they manage care for their loved ones who are living with dementia.


Explore the full range of topics covered in this report, get the key findings and see how this product connects to CIHI’s larger commitment to issues related to seniors and aging.