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New MIS Standards for 2019 available!

The MIS Standards 2019 are now available! CIHI regularly works with members of the health care community to review and revise the MIS Standards to enhance the information available for health system decision-makers.

Reporting-related changes include the areas of

  • Health human resources
  • Home care
  • Information technology services
  • Mental health and addictions services

For more information, see the MIS Standards 2019 or email us at

The Standards for Management Information Systems in Canadian Health Service Organizations (MIS Standards) are a set of national standards for gathering and processing data and for reporting financial and statistical data on the day-to-day operations of a health service organization. The MIS Standards include

  • A chart of accounts
  • Accounting principles and procedures
  • Workload measurement systems
  • Indicators
  • Management applications
  • A glossary of terms

Benefits of MIS Standards

These national standards help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Canada’s hospitals and long-term care and residential care, home care, community health, primary care and public health organizations. Ministries of health report detailed financial and statistical data, generated with the MIS Standards, to CIHI’s Canadian MIS Database. Data collected and reported based on the MIS Standards facilitates

  • Accountability reporting by managers for resource use
  • Development of budgets based on meaningful workload and activity projections
  • More precise resource allocation
  • More informed management decisions

How to use the MIS Standards

Core Plan subscribers can obtain the MIS Standards 2019 for free. To find out whether your organization has already downloaded the MIS Standards or is a Core Plan subscriber, please send an email to

The MIS Standards operate using the Folio Views® platform. If you are familiar with using the internet, you should not have much trouble navigating the MIS Standards. Searching for specific information, printing and using hyperlinks are done in a way similar to how these tasks are done online.

New users are advised to read the section MIS Standards Quick Guide, which is accessed from the main menu. It may also be useful to register for CIHI’s online learning course entitled Navigating the MIS Standards With Folio Views® (MIS). This course is offered free of charge to Core Plan subscribers.

CIHI offers other self-directed online learning related to the MIS Standards, as well as face-to-face workshops. Please visit the Learning Centre to find the course or workshop that is best for you.