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Communication is a crucial aspect of how patients experience their care. This report offers a first look at results from the Canadian Patient Experiences Survey on Inpatient Care from 5 participating provinces on how people feel information was communicated and shared at different stages throughout their hospital stay.

62% of patients said that their overall hospital experience was very good. Percentage of patients who rated their overall hospital experience, on a scale from 0 to 10, as poor (0 to 6), good (7 or 8) and very good (9 or 10), by province: New Brunswick: 12% poor, 22% good, 66% very good; 6,314 respondents (mode of survey administration: mail); Ontario: 12% poor, 23% good, 65% very good; 34,970 respondents (modes of survey administration: online, mail and telephone); Manitoba: 13% poor, 23% good, 64% very good; 10,414 respondents (modes of survey administration: online and mail); Alberta: 11% poor, 26% good, 63% very good; 19,717 respondents (mode of survey administration: telephone); British Columbia: 16% poor, 27% good, 57% very good; 20,020 respondents (modes of survey administration: online and telephone). Results are weighted and adjusted for non-response, sampling design and patient characteristics. Survey responses were collected via 3 modes — telephone, mail and online — which may contribute to variation in provincial-level results. See the methodology notes for more information.

Learn what patients said about communication with and between hospital staff

Data for the analysis includes results from

This report features data from over 90,000 survey respondents from over 300 acute care hospitals in 5 provinces: New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

CIHI, in collaboration with health system stakeholders, developed the survey to provide standardized reporting of patient feedback about care experienced during inpatient stays in a Canadian acute care hospital.

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Read the methodology notes (PDF) to find out more about the analysis in this report.

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