The Trends in Income-Related Health Inequalities in Canada project examines whether the health gaps between lower- and higher-income individuals have changed over the past decade. The Health Inequalities Interactive Tool provides a series of visualizations to explore inequalities for 9 health indicators over time, by sex and by province. The technical report provides additional analysis, interpretation and contextual information for 16 health indicators. The overall findings of this work can be found in the summary report.

Companion products and highlights

Public summary

Over the past decade, health inequalities between Canadians with the lowest and highest income levels did not change for 11 of the 16 indicators CIHI studied.

Provincial highlights

This document provides 1-page summaries, by province, of the findings for each of the 9 indicators in the Health Inequalities Interactive Tool.

Methodology notes

This document summarizes the approaches used to select indicators and interventions and to conduct the analyses in this project.

Indicator definitions

This document provides technical specifications for each of the indicators included in this project.