In recent years, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, along with other national, provincial and regional organizations, has expanded the reporting of health indicators by socio-economic status and demographic factors.

These efforts have improved our understanding of current patterns of inequalities in health and factors influencing health. Monitoring health inequalities in a systematic and comparable way over time helps to identify vulnerable populations and to examine the impact that policies and interventions may have on the health of Canadians.

Information on Health Inequalities

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CIHI has launched the Trends in Income-Related Health Inequalities in Canada project, which examines whether Canada and the provinces have made progress in reducing the health gap between lower- and higher-income individuals over the past decade.

We recently hosted a pan-Canadian dialogue about measuring equity in health care. The goals were to identify and agree on core stratifiers (socio-demographic variables), discuss how to access and/or collect these stratifiers, and contribute to an action plan for advancing equity measurement in health care.

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