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Are you looking for CIHI data? 

Subject to its privacy policy, CIHI makes its data available to enable more responsive and effective health-system planning and decision-making.

Browse our data holdings for data availability within CIHI’s databases.

Graduate students can access our data at no cost through

Media requests: Contact our Communications department directly at

Other ways to access CIHI data

 Anyone can access our publicly accessible data
 CIHI clients can access other data
 You can make a data request
 Learn about our data request response times
 Learn about our data request pricing

Publicly accessible data

Interactive reports and analytical toolsAnalytical publicationsQuick Stats
  • Wait times: Interactive report presents wait times as provinces work to meet benchmarks for priority procedures in Canada
  • Patient Cost Estimator: Estimates the average cost of various services provided in hospitals
  • Looking for indicator information? Visit CIHI’s Indicator Library for definitions, methodologies and the location of indicator results on CIHI’s website.
Published topic-specific analytical reports and products present figures, graphs, tables and accompanying narratives

Quick Stats are a series of free, publicly available, aggregate-level reports about Canada’s health care statistics. They are available in two formats:

  • An interactive format lets you manipulate how you see information. Choose from specific time frames, diagnosis groups, hospital types and so on.
  • A static format has information in tables that are easy to print.

View a short Quick Stats video on how to use and interpret these reports.

Data accessible to CIHI Clients

Not yet a CIHI client? Write to us at for more details.

CIHI–Statistics Canada CollaborativeE-reportsCIHI Portal

Sample, de-identified, record-level clinical and administrative data from CIHI’s Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), accessible through Statistics Canada’s Data Liberation Initiative (DLI):

  • CIHI and Statistics Canada pilot project since March 2013
  • Data available at no additional cost to post-secondary institutions having access to DLI
  • For more details, send an email to
View e-reports based on record-level de-identified information. Visit our data holdings to access secure, interactive, web-based e-reports. Accessible only to data providers and their corresponding ministries.

CIHI Portal provides access to enriched, facility-identifiable data on the delivery of services by Canada’s hospitals. Accessible only to data providers and their corresponding ministries.

Make a data request

Researchers, decision-makers and health managers can request specific data from one or more of CIHI’s databases to suit their information needs. Data can be retrieved at an aggregate or record level.

  1. Browse CIHI’s data holdings for information on specific data elements and their availability
  2. Complete and submit the online Data Inquiry Form
  3. CIHI will review the Data Inquiry form to determine
    1. Whether the requested data addresses the research question or data needs
    2. Whether there is a need for additional authorizations or approvals
  4. You then complete
    1. A formal Data Request form and
    2. A Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement (NDCA)
      1. For third-party record-level data requests, CIHI has a follow-up program in place to ensure that clients securely destroy CIHI’s data after a specified period of time, as stated in the NDCA.
      2. By signing the NDCA, you agree to permit CIHI to visit your premises and conduct an audit. See the Information Sheet on CIHI’s Privacy Audit Program for Third-Party Record-Level Data Recipients (Updated July 2014) (PDF).
  5. You and CIHI finalize data specifications
  6. CIHI confirms response time and price with you
  7. CIHI processes the data request
  8. You receive your data securely

Data request response time

The complexity and type of request play a role in determining turnaround times for data requests.

Complexity of data requestTurnaround time
For aggregate dataFor record-level data

Readily available data

10 days

20 days

Requires moderate level of customization

20 days

40 days

Very complex
high level of customization

To be negotiated with the client

To be negotiated with the client

Data request pricing

CIHI responds to data requests on a cost-recovery basis, as follows:

  • $150/hour, for Canadian health care facilities, media (data requests only), governments, not-for-profit health agencies, universities (except for students through the Graduate Student Data Access Program), health professionals and researchers from the public sector (Price A clients)
  • $300/hour for private commercial operations (including but not limited to software vendors and consultants), foreign clients (Price B clients) and others not qualifying for Price A

CIHI’s billing is based on the number of hours needed to:

  • Review the data request
  • Consult on and develop specifications
  • Manipulate and/or analyze data
  • Seek advice from CIHI’s support areas
  • Perform data quality assurance
  • Transmit data

The billing time includes consultation with clients, specifications development, programming and data verification, and data preparation for release. The first two hours of production time for Price A clients are free. For media, 10 free hours of staff time are provided per topic per 12-month period.

If applicable, GST/HST will be added to the invoice.


Use CIHI's accessibility request form to request CIHI documentation in an accessible format.