September 10, 2020 — Explore our interactive tool, found below, that displays a high-level timeline of federal, provincial and territorial government interventions to reduce the spread of and improve health outcomes related to COVID-19. This tool highlights case counts and selected interventions from our COVID-19 Intervention Scan (see Featured resources section).

The data in this tool covers interventions announced up to June 22, 2020. We will update the data regularly.

About this tool

Create a customized timeline of COVID-19 interventions and daily case counts by selecting a jurisdiction, time period and type of intervention. The data is refreshed every time you choose a filter. The export feature allows you to download this custom-made version (CSV file) of the timeline. Each intervention in the timeline has an ID number. This ID number corresponds to entries in the scan, which provides details and links to sources for the intervention. (Note: This tool is compatible with most common web browsers — Chrome, Safari, Edge and IE — but performs best in Chrome. It has been optimized for your desktop/laptop.)

View an accessible version of the COVID-19 Intervention Timeline (XLSX).

Additional information 


Additional information

The COVID-19 Intervention timeline and scan provide information on key interventions for case finding and management (e.g., testing criteria, self-isolation); openings and closures (e.g., health, education, other services); physical distancing; health workforce capacity; health services; travel restrictions; and other measures. We started our scan on March 19, 2020.

The accuracy of this tool and scan is limited by the availability of information and timing of data collection.

  • The first COVID-19 case in Canada was reported on January 25, 2020.
  • Daily case counts are included for context only and do not reflect the actual infection rate. Case counts that are small may not appear on the graph but can be seen by scrolling over the time window; they can also be found on the case count tab in the downloadable Excel version.
  • Daily case counts include only people who received a test. Many people who contracted COVID-19 were not tested and are not reflected in the daily case counts.
  • Availability, eligibility criteria and the number of tests differ among provinces and territories, and also affect daily case counts.
  • How cases were defined changed in some provinces and territories, resulting in a sudden change in case counts (e.g., Quebec’s case definition changed in March).
  • Most public health interventions take time to impact infection rates. Changes in testing and case definition can impact case counts quickly. Interventions implemented across provinces and territories differ in scale and timing. The definitions of interventions and services (e.g., essential services) affected are also not consistent. More details can be found in the COVID-19 Intervention Scan (linked below).
  • For more information on source and methodology of interventions, please refer to the Notes to readers section in the COVID-19 Intervention Scan (XLSX).
  • More information on source and methodology of the case count data External link, opens in new window.

COVID-19 Interventions — Terms of Use

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