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At CIHI, we rigorously apply good governance and accountability practices. We work hard to achieve value for money by using resources responsibly and measuring our success indicators effectively.

We have a 16-member Board of Directors that links federal, provincial and territorial governments with non-governmental health groups. Board members represent all health sectors and regions of Canada, and their strategic guidance steers the work we do.

The Board of Directors Governance Handbook provides an overview of the organization and the structures and methods by which the organization is governed

Collaborating with partners

We work with a broad range of health organizations and partners across the country, providing data and information to help them fulfill their mandates. Our partners include

  • Ministries of health — They contribute to our work and help us achieve our mandate
  • Statistics Canada and Health Canada — Both provide rich data sources and expertise that complement our work

Our partnerships help us avoid duplication of effort and cost, while ensuring value for Canadians. They also ensure that the policies and decisions that influence health in this country are based on accurate, comparable and unbiased information.

Neutral and independent role

Although we play an integral role in providing relevant and reliable data and analyses to policy-makers in Canada’s health systems, we are neutral and objective in fulfilling our mandate. We neither create nor take positions on policy.