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Improving health care equity measurement: A pan-Canadian discussion
DNR directives almost always followed in long-term care
More regulated nurses entering the profession than leaving it
Updates to Your Health System Now includes High Users of Hospital Beds
Introducing ALC designation guidelines. Improving data standards and comparability
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Heads-up on sport-related brain injuries

Over the last 5 years, the number of emergency department visits for sport-related brain injuries in Ontario and Alberta has increased by 46%. Find out which sporting activities are most associated with brain injuries, what age group has the highest proportion of injuries and more in this release, which includes data tables and an infographic.

Learn more about our Health Workforce Database

Health human resources (HHR) deliver care and support the health care system — and are one of its greatest assets. Evidence-based planning and management of HHR is a vital part of making sure Canadians can access health services when and where they need them. CIHI’s Health Workforce Database includes information about 30 groups of health care professionals — including their practice setting, regulatory environment, supply, and demographic, education and employment characteristics. 

Canadian Health Workforce Conference 2016

We’re proud to co-chair the Canadian Health Workforce Conference 2016. Being held October 3 to 5, 2016, in Ottawa, this event is inspired by a recent report from the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Optimizing Scopes of Practice sets out a vision for a health workforce that is more flexible and accountable to population and community health needs. If you have an interest in health workforce issues, this is the place to be. Register today!

Ambulance Use for Stroke and Heart Attack

Strokes and heart attacks are time-sensitive conditions for which using an ambulance is recommended. This CIHI Snapshot shows the proportion of stroke and heart attack patients who arrive at the hospital by ambulance, and outlines characteristics of those patients who don’t use an ambulance to get to the hospital.

Improving Health System Efficiency in Canada

What actions are decision-makers taking to improve health system efficiency in Canada and what are the associated challenges? Find out in CIHI’s new report, Improving Health System Efficiency in Canada: Perspectives of Decision-Makers.

This study is the third in a 3-phase project on health system efficiency undertaken by CIHI’s Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI). 

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