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We regularly develop and evaluate long- and short-term plans to guide the work that we do. Our strategic plan, analytical plan, information quality plan, and plan for health system use of data are examples of the blueprints we create to address the issues and challenges facing Canada’s health care systems.

Strategic plan
CIHI’s Strategic Plan, 2016 to 2021 is the result of extensive consultations with our stakeholder community, our staff and our international colleagues.

Analytical plan
We respond to health care systems’ needs and challenges by providing relevant, timely information that supports better decisions.

Information quality plan
We collaborate with our data providers and users to ensure that our information is fit for use and meets the broadening needs of our stakeholders and that we remain a trusted source of health information.

Plan for health system use of data
We work with partners like Canada Health Infoway to advance health system use of electronic health data and to create the knowledge base we need to improve patient experiences, support front-line care providers and build more effective health systems.

Annual report
The annual report provides an overview of the organization, its corporate achievements in the past fiscal year, the priorities for the upcoming year and a summary of the audited financial statements.