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CIHI is accountable to our key stakeholders and beneficiaries in Canada’s health care systems:

  • Health Canada, Statistics Canada and other federal government departments
  • Provincial and territorial governments and politicians
  • Regional health authorities, health system managers and health professionals
  • Academic communities, non-government organizations and health associations
  • The Canadian public

We consistently strive to be an efficient organization that achieves value for money for health care in Canada by

  • Using resources responsibly
  • Measuring our success against stated objectives

To this end, CIHI has accountability and reporting mechanisms that are consistent with good governance practices.

CIHI receives funding primarily from Health Canada and the provincial and territorial governments. Production of content on this website is made possible by financial contributions from Health Canada and provincial and territorial governments. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada or any provincial or territorial government.

Strategic Plan and Performance Measurement Framework 

Operational plan and budget

Annual report

Quarterly progress reports​​

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