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Featured products for health system performance

Your Health System

This tool shows trends for 45 indicators at the national, provincial/territorial, regional and facility levels. More than 600 Canadian hospitals can be examined. Now available: facility-level reporting for more than 1,000 long-term care homes and updates to other indicator results.

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Health system performance and quality-of-care information

  • Access and wait times

    How CIHI helps address information gaps when it comes to wait times and access to care.

  • Quality of care and outcomes

    How well health services are provided to patients, and health care outcomes.

  • Integration and continuity of care

    How different components of the health care system work, and how continuity of care helps patients transition between them.

  • Indicators

    How CIHI is working to develop indicators that measure the health of Canadians and health system performance in Canada.

  • Health funding

    Learn about CIHI's new Activity-Based Funding unit.

Your Health System

Your Health System

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