Your Health System: In Brief provides an opportunity to see the big picture of your health system by exploring how your hospital, city or province/territory is doing. Look at information on Canadian hospitals, long-term care facilities and the health of Canadians to get a snapshot of health care access, quality of care and spending, as well as health promotion and disease prevention and health outcomes. Here are some of the different ways you can check up on the performance of Canada’s health systems.

Health System Access

  •  Health system access takes a look at whether Canadians can obtain the health care they need when they need it
    • Having access to a regular health care provider is an important factor in ensuring that all Canadians are treated for medical conditions and provided with preventive care and early screening (data available for those age 12 and older)
    • Wait times for radiation treatment are critical for patients with cancer — see how many cancer patients obtain treatment within the medically acceptable 28-day wait time
    • Find out how long Canadians wait for joint replacement surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement

Quality of Care

Health System Spending

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Health Outcomes

  • Health outcomes covers a range of influences in our lives, including where we work, learn, play and live, to measure how well health systems are working overall