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  • Moving Forward Using v2015 of ICD-10-CA and CCI

    This course addresses in greater detail some of the more complex and challenging aspects of v2015 of ICD-10-CA/CCI and the Canadian Coding Standards for Version 2015 ICD-10-CA and CCI.

  • Coding for Diabetes Collection

    Learn how to accurately apply classification conventions, rules and coding standards to the coding of diabetic and related interventions. Take a moment to review this recently updated collection.


Events and conferences

  • From definitions to action: meeting the needs of health care’s highest users

    CIHI is pleased to announce From definitions to action: meeting the needs of health care’s highest users, a pre-CAHSPR 1-day forum to be held on Monday, May 25, 2015, at the Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal in Montréal, Quebec. Connect with our distinguished roster of high-user leaders and speakers and be part of an informative dialogue with others from across Canada.

  • Shaping our future together: a CIHI breakfast at the National Health Leadership Conference

    Join David O’Toole, CIHI’s president and CEO, to hear about how CIHI is exploring future health care directions and information requirements. To understand these new opportunities, we held meaningful conversations with health leaders across the country as well as with technology innovators, including organizations not traditionally associated with health, like Google and LinkedIn. This session will describe the cross-country dialogue, initial thinking about future directions and innovations under way.


Web conferences

  • Calculating a Quality Indicator

    Learn more about the methodology of quality indicator calculation and risk adjustment. We walk you through the calculation of 1 such indicator in a fictional facility.

Web conferences

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