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Technical Requirements

Minimum Technical Requirements for Online Courses, Web Conferences and Video Conferences

Computer systems

  • Dual-core processor (or better)
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • 2 GB of RAM (or better)
  • Resolution of 1024 × 768 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0+ (and above) required to access supporting course resources
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox, Safari 2.0 (and above) and Google Chrome
    • Includes JavaScript with cookies enabled
    • Popup blockers must be disabled for this site (see your network administrator if you need assistance)
    • Text size set to medium (View > Text Size > Medium)

    Note: We cannot guarantee that the Learning Centre will function properly in any other browser.

Web conferences

CIHI uses the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform.

  • Review the minimum technical requirements for attending a CIHI web conference using Adobe Connect.
  • Test your system with the Meeting Connection Diagnostic
    • If your computer is not compatible with Adobe Connect, you will see a message with details about the issue and troubleshooting tips.
  • Note that we do not support VoIP audio through a PC.
    • All participants must dial the web conference telephone number and access code from a hard-wired telephone line. To minimize disruptions and reduce ambient background noise, participants are encouraged to mute their phone (or press *6).

Video conferencing

To join a CIHI video conference session, external participants must connect over IP/h.323 and connect at 512bps.

Note: CIHI video conferences do not support ISDN.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

No-show policy

If a registrant fails to attend a workshop that is offered under his or her jurisdictional Core Plan subscription, the registrant’s organization is charged a no-show administrative fee of $100.

Cancellation and registration fee refund policy

For any CIHI workshop, web conference or video conference event where a registration fee is paid:

  • If cancellation notice is received in writing more than 48 hours in advance of the session date: full refund.
  • If cancellation notice is received 48 hours or less in advance of the session date: registration fee minus 30% administrative charge will be refunded.
    • Please note: substitutions will be accepted.
  • There is no refund of registration fees for the following learning types:
    • eLearning courses
    • Recorded web conference courses
    • Self-study PDF courses
    • Exams
    • Job aids

Prices for Education Sessions

Most Canadian health care facilities hold a Core Plan subscription with CIHI through the bilateral agreements that exist between CIHI and the ministries of health.

CIHI offers education products through the Core Plan at no additional charge to regional health authorities (or similar) and ministries of health. Please note that Core Plan does not apply to all products in the Learning Centre. In cases where Core Plan does not apply, a registration fee is charged to all registrants.

Some Core Plan products and services are subject to confidentiality and privacy restrictions. Contact CIHI’s Education department for more information.

Registration fees are as follows:

Learning type Core Plan Clients Non-Core Plan clients:
Price A †
Non-Core Plan clients:
Price B ‡
Job aid Included $0 $0
Resource collection Included $0 $0
Video Included $0 $0
1-day workshop Included $340 $680
Exam Included $210 $420
eLearning Included $150 $300
Self-learning (PDF) Included $170 $340
Web conference (live) Included $100 $200
Web conference (recorded) Included $50 $100
Learning bundle Included Price varies (dependent on products included) Price varies (dependent on products included)


† Price A applies to Canadian health care facilities, governments, not-for-profit health agencies, universities, health professionals and researchers from the public sector.

‡ Price B applies to private commercial operations (including but not limited to software vendors and consultants), foreign clients and others not qualifying for Price A.

Non–Core Plan registration fees (Price A and Price B) are subject to applicable taxes when the payment transaction is processed. Non–Core Plan registration fees are subject to change without notice.

In-house Education Services

CIHI’s in-house education services help individual facilities and their staff better use CIHI’s various tools for effective management. This unique service allows clients to focus on individual education needs and to create an agenda that will target specific areas where detailed education is required.

Topics include

  • A general overview of CIHI and current databases;
  • Detailed information on various CIHI methodologies;
  • Application of the MIS Standards and CIHI reports; and
  • Topics selected by the client relating to CIHI tools.

In addition, all of CIHI’s regular workshops can be presented as in-house sessions.

Contact CIHI’s Education department for more information.

User Guides

How to Enrol in a Course (PDF)

How to Use the Knowledge Centre for a Course (PDF)

How to Complete a Course Evaluation (PDF)

How to Use Your Learning Plan (PDF)

How to Print a Course Certificate (PDF)

How to Use a Learning Bundle (PDF)

How  to Access Your Course Materials (PDF)