There are several different ways that you can learn more about NRS eReports. The following paragraphs describe some choices for further education.

The Education department at CIHI has produced two eLearning modules designed to introduce people to the generic abilities and features of eReports and the MicroStrategy platform on which eReports are built. These modules are not specific to NRS eReports, but they do contain information and tips that will be useful to NRS eReports users. Each module is designed to take approximately 30 minutes of time to complete. To register, visit the Learning Centre and search for eReports.

The Rehabilitation team at CIHI offers two different NRS eReports-specific web conferences on a quarterly basis. Both of these web conferences provide time to practice newly learned skills on a computer at your facility.

  • Working with the NRS eReports: The Fundamentals is suitable to anyone new to eReports or anyone that would like to learn more about some of the basic functionality of the eReporting system.
  • Working with the NRS eReports: Intermediate Users is designed to demonstrate slightly more advanced features and usage. It is intended that people participating in this web conference have already attended or viewed the Fundamentals web conference.

If you are unable to attend the live web conference, recordings of these sessions are also available for self-study viewing via the Learning Centre course catalogue.

Further training on NRS indicators and report interpretation, intended to support decision-making and strategic use of NRS data, is available separately. Please visit the Learning Centre course catalogue for more information.