Provision of Haemodialysis Treatment in Canada

In 2003, the highest prevalence rate for patients on dialysis of 619.0 PMP was found in Manitoba and the lowest in BC at 340.0 PMP (Figure 8). The prevalence dialysis rates increased from the 1999 in all provinces; however, the largest increases were seen in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, of 199.0 and 165.0 respectively (Figure 9). In the year 2003, hospital based centers accepted new patients on dialysis. The number of centers remained stable from 1999 to 2003. Overall, the number of centers providing dialysis in 2003 was 215.0, including 113.0 community centers (Table 2).

Haemodialysis stations by province:

On average in 2003, the rate of 101.6 PMP haemodialysis stations was reported. When examining rates by province, some differences were noted (Figure 10). The lowest number of stations with the rate of 79.9 PMP was reported from British Columbia and the highest from Newfoundland and Manitoba, at 148.0 and 146.0 PMP respectively. Three provinces: Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan showed rates below the national average in contrast to Manitoba, Newfoundland and New Brunswick, which showed rates above the national average (Figure 11).

Provision of in-hospital haemodialysis:

The rates for in-hospital stations varied considerably among provinces (Figure 12) with the lowest of 30.9 PMP reported in Alberta and the highest of 113.0 PMP in Newfoundland (Figure 13). The average rate for in-hospital haemodialysis stations by province was 72.0 PMP.

Provision of community based haemodialysis:

In 2003, the average rate for community based haemodialysis stations of 30.0 PMP (Figure 14) was lower than the rate for in-hospital stations in Canada in 2003. Similar to the in-hospital rates, large variations were noted in the dialysis community based stations among the provinces (Figure 15). A rate double the average rate for Canada was observed in Alberta (60.0 PMP), in contrast to the low rate observed for Quebec (10.0 PMP). The Quebec rate was three times lower than the average rate for Canada and the lowest among all the provinces.

On average in 2003, the utilization of haemodialysis stations (patients per station) was 4.5 patients for every dialysis station (Figure 16). However, more than the average per station (5.0 pts) were treated in Saskatchewan and Ontario; this represents slight increase from 1999. In all other provinces the average number of patients decreased slightly from 1999.

Home dialysis is less frequent than in-center dialysis in Canada (Figure 16a). Among provinces in Canada, the proportion of home dialysis varies between 10.0% and 30.0%. The highest proportion of 38.0% patients on home dialysis was observed in New Brunswick in 2003.