Patients on Renal Replacement Therapy in Canada in 2003


In 2003, the number of patients alive on RRT was 29,551.0 including 11,625.0 patients with functioning transplant and 17,926.0 receiving the various modalities of dialysis (Table 1, Figure 1). The overall prevalence for patients on dialysis and those with functioning transplants was 933.0 per million population (PMP) on December 31st 2003 while the prevalence rate for patients receiving dialysis was 566.0 PMP with an annual increase of 6.5% from 1999 to 2003 (Figure 2). Haemodialysis was the predominant type of treatment with a share of 82.7% (14,523) patients while 17.3% (3,394) were on peritoneal dialysis. (Figure1).


In 2003, incidence was 158 patients PMP. This number includes patients on haemodioalysis and peritoneal dialysis as well as those transplanted before needing dialysis treatment (pre-emptive transplantation). 4,016 (80.0%) patients started on haemodialysis and 886.0 (17.7%) started on peritoneal dialysis (Table 1). Less than 2.0% of those starting RRT were children younger than 18 years of age (83.0), of whom 64.0 received dialysis. Pre-emptive renal transplantation was performed in 126.0 cases in year 2003 in Canada. The incidence rate of ESRD in Canada seems to have leveled off after 2002 at approx 158.0 PMP (Figure 3).

Death rate:

In 2003, the deaths of 3,208.0 patients who were receiving chronic renal replacement therapy were reported. This results in a rate of 101.3 deaths PMP. (Table 1). This rate has increased from 88.2 PMP in the year 1999 (Figure 4). The mortality rate of 39.2 death per 100 patients’ years was observed in year 2003.

Functioning transplants:

In 2003, about 1,000 patients in Canada received transplants. At the end of the year, 11,265.0 patients were alive with a functioning transplant, equating to a rate of 367.0 PMP (Table 1). The rate has steadily increased from 1999 to 2003 (Figure 5).