e-Statistics on Organ Transplants, Waiting Lists and Donors

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e-Statistics on Organ Transplants, Waiting Lists and Donors

About This Report

The e-Statistics Report is based on summary statistics received from 9 organ procurement organizations (OPOs) from across Canada. Transplant, donor and waiting list data including the number of patients who died while waiting for a vital organ transplant are based on this summary information and not on patient registrations within CORR. Data are subject to change based on future data submissions and may vary from data previously published by CIHI. Please note that islet cell transplant information is included in this report. For statistics on organ transplants only, the statistics on islet cell transplants should be subtracted from the overall totals.

The number of organ donors is also presented in this report. Donor rates based on the overall population, however, are not used from 2005 on. Referrals and potential donor numbers are also cited in this report. Definitions, however, may vary from province to province. Standardized information on potential donors and referrals from all jurisdictions is not available in Canada at the present time. Report users are encouraged to interpret this information with caution, and to read the notes provided at the end of each table in the report as they provide further clarification on the information reported.

This report was revamped in 2005. It has been streamlined, and designed to include information on deceased donors whose death was from cardiorespiratory failure. From 2005 on, there are now two issues per year: a mid-year report, which covers the period January 1st to June 30th, and a cumulative report covering the period January 1st to December 31st. The mid-year report is removed once the cumulative report is posted.

Contributing Organ Procurement Organizations

  • Multi-Organ Transplant Program, NS (which includes data from the O.P.E.N. program in Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • New Brunswick Organ and Tissue Procurement Program, NB
  • Québec-Transplant, QC
  • Trillium Gift of Life Network, ON
  • Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life Program, MB
  • The Saskatchewan Transplant Program, SK
  • Southern Alberta Organ Donation Program, AB
  • Hope Program - Edmonton, AB
  • BC Transplant Society, BC

Available Reports

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