Who Benefits From Using CIHI Portal?

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Who Benefits From Using CIHI Portal?

CIHI Portal has been developed for use by organizations across Canada that manage and deliver health care services—in particular, those that submit data to CIHI. This includes hospitals, regional health authorities and ministries of health. CIHI Portal empowers all of these organizations in several ways:

  • Hospitals—able to compare themselves with similar sites (i.e. high volumes facilities; teaching hospitals; pediatric centres; etc.) to establish best practices
  • Ministries and Regional Health Authorities—able to evaluate facilities within their jurisdiction and set benchmark targets
  • Organizations at all health system levels—able review their individual data and support local business decisions and operational planning

User Roles

Within every health care organization, there are hundreds of staff, playing many different roles. CIHI Portal has been designed to support the work of those who are responsible for the following:

  • Strategic mapping
  • Monitoring, planning and managing health care services
  • Analysis and decision support

See a list of some of the job titles for these roles.

In order to serve varying needs, three different user roles have been developed:

CIHI Portal’s full value is leveraged through the ongoing interaction of these user groups with the product and each other.

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