What is CIHI Portal

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What is CIHI Portal

CIHI Portal integrates four distinct services within a single, premium health information offering. The first component is a powerful business intelligence suite, which is supported by a comprehensive education program. Underlying this are user-based communities of practice. The final component of CIHI Portal is its customized solutions service, which responds to special user needs. Together, these components create a unique experience in using health information.

CIHI Portal Product Offering

  • Business Intelligence Suite
    • At the heart of CIHI Portal is a dynamic, web-based analytical environment. For the first time, get secure access to current, facility-identifiable health data from... click for more
  • Education Program
    • Education is an essential part of the CIHI Portal user experience. Though the education program, users are trained not only on how to use CIHI Portal, but also on... click for more
  • Communities of Practice
    • Underlying CIHI Portal is a community of users—all of whom are dedicated to the management of health care. In additio0n to the broader user community, CIHI Portal also hosts... click for more
  • Customized Solutions
    • CIHI will help you find solutions that address your unique business intelligence and analytical needs. Enlist our direct services and optimize the... click for more

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