What Can CIHI Portal Do?

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What Can CIHI Portal Do?

CIHI Portal assists the ongoing management of health care services within an organization or jurisdiction. This unique health information offering helps to strengthen planning and decision-making processes and capabilities. Through CIHI Portal, organizations have an improved ability to do all of the following...

Monitor and Evaluate Performance

CIHI Portal supports regular performance measurement and the determination of best practices. Through CIHI Portal, users can:

  • View their organization’s data from one period to the next, allowing for a clear portrait of status and progress over time
  • Perform granular analysis and compare their organization with customized peer groups at local, regional, provincial and national levels
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented projects and initiatives

Build Evidence-Based Business Cases

CIHI Portal supports evidence-based decision-making by allowing users to respond to emerging issues and questions. Organizations inform their planning and business activities by building comprehensive reports on areas such as:

  • Clinical administration
  • Resourcing
  • Service provision
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Patient flows

Exchange New Knowledge

CIHI Portal provides executives, managers and analysts with a common space for sharing information. Once an organization has identified areas to be explored, colleagues can share data and analysis, and then work together to apply this new knowledge towards planning and decision-making. Furthermore, CIHI Portal also allows organizations to exchange knowledge with other Portal users from across the country.

CIHI Portal in Action

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