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Help with NRS eReports

If you're having difficulty with NRS eReports and can't find the answer you're looking for in the NRS eReports Manual, FAQs, or elsewhere, please submit your question via the eQuery tool or by email at

Documents for NRS eReports 

NRS eReports: Report Interpretation Guidelines (updated March 2017)
This manual will help you use NRS eReports. It consists of a user guide and report interpretation guidelines. 

NRS eReports How-To Sheets (updated March 2017)
This How-To sheet provides a quick set of instructions to complete some of the most common tasks within the eReporting environment.

NRS RPG case mix grouping and weighting methodology 

To access complete NRS Rehabilitation Patient Group (RPG) case mix methodology documents, including SAS code, flowcharts and weights, as well as information and FAQ documents, please visit CIHI’s Case Mix page.

Rehabilitation Patient Group (RPG) Weights and Trim Points