NRS Implementation Time Table

These time periods are approximate and are intended to allow for adequate preparation and allocation of time/resources in a facility. The facility coordinator should carry out these steps with the assistance of the rehabilitation team as needed. Support during any of these steps is available at

Prior to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Reporting System for Trainers workshop

3 -4 months prior to the workshop:

  • Visit CIHI web site ( to become familiar with the NRS requirements
  • Inform rehabilitation staff and other stakeholders about the NRS process
  • Plan for staff and equipment resources as directed
  • Send Request for End User License Agreement to CIHI (includes NRS Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement). The End User License agreement provides a facility with a restricted license to use proprietary and copyrighted materials that are a part of the CIHI NRS for authorized purposes. These materials include the 18 item FIM TM Instrument and impairment codes, which are the property of the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation.
  • NRS Facility Coordinator registers participants for Inpatient Rehabilitation Reporting System for Trainers workshop at CIHI encourages sending staff from a variety of health disciplines who will be directly involved in NRS implementation (e.g. PT, OT Nursing, SLP). The recommended number of participants will vary according to rehabilitation beds at the facility:


Rehab Beds in the Facility/site

Full Registrants in Trainer Workshop



50 - 100


101 – 150




    4-6 weeks prior to the workshop:

    • Confirm that End User License Agreement and the NRS Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement has been signed by participating facility and CIHI

    3-4 weeks prior to the workshop:

    • Registration materials will be sent to facility from CIHI in preparation for workshop
    • NRS Facility Coordinator meets with workshop participants to review registration materials and NRS background information

    2 weeks prior to the workshop:

    • Complete Participant Attendance List and (if applicable) Guest Attendance List included in registration materials and email to

    Following the Inpatient Rehabilitation Reporting System for Trainers Workshop

    More detailed information on the post-workshop implementation process will be provided during the workshop itself.

    0-3 months after the workshop:

    • NRS Facility Coordinator and other staff trained in the workshop provide on-site education and training sessions at their facility – some training materials will be provided by CIHI
    • Identify a target start date for data collection and establish processes for data collection, entry, and submission

    3-6 months after the workshop:

    • The facility signs a Letter of Understanding in order to receive the access codes required for secure on-line viewing of facility-specific NRS reports
    • For facilities using vendor software or software developed in-house: Test data is submitted to CIHI to check for errors and a ‘Test Submission Report’ is sent out to the facility regarding the results. The testing phase is considered complete when the facility submits an adequate number of test files (approximately one hundred) with minimal errors.
    • Collection of data by the team begins for the current reporting quarter
    • The facility submits completed records to CIHI electronically
    • Facility is able to view its first electronic Quarterly Comparative Report following scheduled release of reports after the corresponding quarterly submission deadline (see table below)



    Reporting Period

    Submission Deadline*

    Error Correction Deadline*

    Reports sent to Facilities*

    Quarter 1

    April 1 - June 30

    July 31

    August 15

    August 31

    Quarter 2

    July 1 - Sept. 30

    October 31

    November 15

    November 30

    Quarter 3

    October 1 - Dec. 31

    January 31

    February 14

    February 28

    Quarter 4

    January 1 - March 31

    April 30

    May 15

    May 31

      * If the above dates/deadlines fall on a weekend or holiday, they will be moved to the next business day.