NRS Facility Coordinator Responsibilities

Prior to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Reporting System for Trainers Workshop:

  • Identify participants who will attend trainer workshop
  • Complete Registration Form and Participant Attendance Form and submit to CIHI
  • Meet with participants to review agenda, distribute pre-workshop materials, provide information and address preliminary questions

After the Inpatient Rehabilitation Reporting System for Trainers Workshop:

  • Confirm necessary resources and key players
  • Establish timelines and target date to begin data collection
  • Identify NRS Data Submission contact person
  • Facilitate process of identifying and defining (where applicable) the optional data elements that will be collected
  • Plan/coordinate in-house education schedule and format (e.g. by discipline, by teams, frequency)
  • Track and report on the implementation process
  • Communicate between CIHI and facility; i.e. disseminate CIHI material and reports to facility staff and bring questions/issues from facility to CIHI
  • Coordinate all tasks/functions on the NRS team (includes clinical disciplines, health records, information management/technology where applicable)
  • Communicate with CIHI which software will be used for data entry (i.e. vendor or in-house built software)

Ongoing Tasks:

  • Coordination of continuing in-house training and notification to CIHI of staff trained
  • Conducting clinical functional assessments if applicable
  • Facilitating data collection and submission
  • Acting as point of contact for questions to CIHI
  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of data by conducting data quality checks
  • Responding to CIHI Submission (“error”) reports, in collaboration with NRS Data Submission contact
  • Ensuring accuracy and efficiency data correction process and revisions needed
  • Disseminating information received through Quarterly Comparative Reports to staff in a meaningful way, on a timely basis

Support from CIHI is available at any time during this process at