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Rehabilitation care includes a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services and complex continuing care for adults who experience debilitating illness or injury. We facilitate the collection of standardized information on inpatient clients, mainly through the National Rehabilitation Reporting System (NRS). Learn more about the NRS

Our reports and indicators provide stakeholders with information to

  • Assess changes in and maintenance of client outcomes
  • Examine access to inpatient rehabilitation
  • Evaluate programs and services

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Rehabilitation information

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Reports and analyses about rehabilitation

Databases and data sources about rehabilitation

National Rehabilitation Reporting System
The National Rehabilitation Reporting System (NRS) contains client data collected from participating adult inpatient rehabilitation facilities and programs across Canada. These include specialized facilities as well as hospital rehabilitation units, programs and designated rehabilitation beds. The minimum data set contains clinical data on functional status based on the 18-item FIM® instrument and additional cognitive elements. Private online eReporting is updated on a quarterly basis for participating facilities and other authorized users

Facilities collect client data on admission and discharge from the inpatient rehabilitation program. They send the data directly to us on an ongoing basis for inclusion in comparative reports. There is an option to collect additional information in a follow-up assessment conducted three to six months after a client completes his or her rehabilitation stay. Collecting this information provides an opportunity to assess the sustainability of functional outcomes gained during rehabilitation.


Metadata is information about data. It helps users understand and interpret data from a specific source.

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