Emergency and Ambulatory Care

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Emergency and ambulatory care is one of the largest-volume patient activities in the country, making it a key component of the continuum of health services in Canada.

To better understand how this facet of care is shaped and shifting, we maintain several databases to provide stakeholders with insight on visits, patient demographics and clinical, administrative and service-specific data related to day surgery, outpatient and community-based clinics and emergency departments.

These databases are core components in carrying out our mandate to deliver quality, unbiased, relevant and reliable information to support decision-making and inform health care discussions. They include

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Emergency and ambulatory care information

 Reports and analyses
 Databases and data sources
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Reports and analyses

Learn about features, benefits and how to access eNACRS reports.

Databases and data sources

National Ambulatory Care Reporting System

The National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS) contains data on hospital-based and community-based ambulatory care: day surgery, outpatient and community-based clinics and emergency departments.

Client visit data is collected at the time of service in participating facilities. Data collection methods may vary by facility.

Data submission

CIHI does not mandate data submission to NACRS. Provincial/territorial ministries of health and/or governing bodies that wish to collect ambulatory care data may mandate data collection in their jurisdictions.

The National Ambulatory Care Reporting System is one of CIHI’s 2 core clinical administrative databases. It contains data on emergency and ambulatory care visits, such as those at day surgery and outpatient clinics. For more information, please email cad@cihi.ca.



Metadata is information about data. It helps users understand and interpret data from a specific source.

Find out more about the following data sources:

Key Resources

Job Aids

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