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Underlying CIHI Portal is a community of users—all of whom are dedicated to the management of health care. In addition to the broader user community, CIHI Portal also hosts focused communities of practice around specialized areas of health care.

The CIHI Portal user community and focused communities of practice may interact within the business intelligence suite. Users can learn from and build on shared work and analysis. CIHI Portal also provides dedicated tools and services for interacting with peers, exchanging ideas and advancing shared initiatives.

CIHI-Hosted Discussion Board

The CIHI Portal discussion board provides a forum for users to correspond with each other and participate in shared discussions. The CIHI Portal team facilitates several conference boards—including discussion threads on the latest CIHI Portal releases, tips and tricks for using the business intelligence suite and administrative announcements. Users are also given the opportunity to drive new discussion.

Web-Based User Community Meetings

Every two months, the CIHI Portal team invites all users to participate in a community web conference. These meetings feature all of the following:

  • Presentations by the CIHI Portal team on updates to CIHI Portal and other key announcements
  • Demonstrations by the CIHI Portal team on new enhancements or interesting tips and tricks
  • Presentations from CIHI staff on related health information topics (for example, data quality)
  • Presentations by CIHI Portal users on recent or ongoing analytical work and report-building
  • Group discussion on new developments being considered for CIHI Portal

Web-Based Tutorials

On an ad hoc basis, web-based tutorials are offered to CIHI Portal users to provide training on new analytic content that has been added to the business intelligence suite.

Quarterly Updates

Each quarter, CIHI Portal users receive the CIHI Portal Update—a user-oriented newsletter on the latest news within the CIHI Portal community.

Download the most recent CIHI Portal Update. (PDF) 189 KB.