CIHI releases top 10 reasons for hospitalization and surgery

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CIHI releases top 10 reasons for hospitalization and surgery

March 5, 2015—The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has released its annual report Inpatient Hospitalizations, Surgeries and Childbirth Indicators, detailing national figures and provincial variations.

Though some reasons for hospitalization appeared among the top 10 consistently across the provinces and territories—such as giving birth, respiratory disease and pneumonia—many other causes varied depending on the location and demographic trends of the region.

For example, mood disorders were not among the top 10 causes for hospitalization in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Manitoba and Yukon, although they were the eighth most common reason for hospitalization across Canada as a whole. 2 of the 10 most common reasons for hospitalization in acute care facilities across the country were mental health issues.

Across Canada, giving birth remained the most common reason for hospitalization (although rates of newborns born in hospital declined slightly), with Caesarean section the most common inpatient surgical procedure.

All told, inpatient hospitalization volumes and lengths of stay both declined slightly in Canada.

CIHI is releasing these figures earlier this year than in years past and is the only source for this type of data in Canada.

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