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Our Data and Information Quality Program is recognized internationally for its comprehensiveness and high standards . We work with our data suppliers and users to ensure we continue to be a trusted source of health information that meets the broadening needs of our stakeholders.

In addition to the resources below, key reference information about CIHI’s data sources and indicators is available.


Data Quality by Data Holding

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Data Holding Title Year Sort ascending Description
CPCD MIS Patient Cost Database Methodology 2019

This document is a comprehensive methodology that describes allocation and cost distribution per patient visit for comparisons and decision-making on resource consumption and performance.

NRS National Rehabilitation Reporting System, Data Quality Documentation, 2017–2018 2018

Information on the fitness of National Rehabilitation Reporting System (NRS) data for various uses.

NACRS National Ambulatory Care Reporting System Open-Year Data Quality Test Specifications, 2018–2019 2018

Open-year data quality tests performed on NACRS in 2018–2019, including the rules, patient care types, submission levels, selection criteria and data elements used.

Discharge Abstract Database Open-Year Data Quality Test Specifications 2018–2019 2018

The Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) is routinely analyzed for data quality issues during the submission year and after database closure. Suspect findings are communicated back to the submitting facilities for investigation and correction while the database is still open for submission

NACRS Data Quality Documentation, National Ambulatory Care Reporting System Current-Year Information, 2017–2018 2017-2018

Data Quality Documentation, National Ambulatory Care Reporting System Current-Year Information, 2017–2018

HMHDB Hospital Mental Health Database, 2017–2018: User Documentation 2017-2018

Review the composition of the Hospital Mental Health Database, data quality and other information relevant to data users.