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CIHI’s work on classifications helps health care professionals maintain, understand and apply clinical data standards within our health care systems.

At CIHI, we lead the development of a number of classifications to collect, analyze and enhance the consistency and accuracy of information on health care in Canada. We also represent Canada to international agencies working to enhance classification and terminology standards.

CIHI-supported classifications

  • ICD-10-CA — International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision, Canada: developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and enhanced by CIHI to meet Canadian morbidity data needs
  • ICD-11 — The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently developing the 11th revision of the ICD
  • ICF — International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: developed by WHO to replace ICIDH-2
  • CCI — Canadian Classification of Health Interventions, developed by CIHI to accompany ICD-10-CA: replaces the earlier CCP classification

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Classification Resources

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ICD-10-CA and CCI Evolution Tables

This guide assists with understanding macro changes within the classifications. The tables assist with data retrieval from one version of the classification to the next.

Education Roadmap: Reach Your GOAL With Classifications, DAD, NACRS, and Case Mix

This educational roadmap provides the resources to help current users of ICD‑10‑CA/CCI to enhance their skill sets and knowledge relating to coding and classification.

System for Classification of In-Patient Psychiatry (SCIPP) Grouping Methodology: Flow Charts and SAS Code, OMHRS Version 2016–2017

This product describes the System for Classification of In-Patient Psychiatry (SCIPP) grouping methodology through flowcharts and SAS code. This grouping methodology is meant for use with all Ontario Mental Health Reporting System (OMHRS) data. 

Classifications and Terminologies Newsletter June 2016

Welcome to the fifth edition of our Classifications and terminologies e-newsletter. It aims to promote Classifications and Terminologies activities, upcoming education courses, coding questions, topical data quality initiatives and more!

Tips for Coders: The Case of the Missing T-Codes and PP-Codes

Coding tip that provides a refresher of the rules for assigning the primary code for a post-intervention condition (PIC). Provides the steps for selecting the minimum set of codes for a PIC.

2016–2017 DAD and NACRS Abstracting Manuals bulletin

CIHI is pleased to provide its clients with the DAD Abstracting Manual, 2016–2017 Edition for the Discharge Abstract Database and the NACRS Abstracting Manual, 2016–2017 Edition for the National Ambulatory Care Reporting System.

Tips for Coders: Admissions “Solely for . . .”

Coding tip that provides direction on the correct use of the "admission for . . ." codes: Z51.0 Radiotherapy session and Z51.1 Chemotherapy session for neoplasm.