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ICD-10-CA morbidity classification applies beyond acute care to include conditions and situations that represent risk factors to health

The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision, Canada (ICD-10-CA) is a morbidity classification that was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and enhanced by CIHI to meet Canadian morbidity data needs. The companion classification to ICD-10-CA for coding procedures in Canada is the Canadian Classification of Health Interventions (CCI). ICD-10-CA replaces ICD-9 and ICD-9-CM in Canada. See the implementation schedule.

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Scope of ICD-10-CA

ICD-10-CA classifies diseases, injuries and causes of death, as well as external causes of injury and poisoning. The classification has 23 chapters with alpha-numeric categories and subcategories. Unlike ICD-9, ICD-10-CA applies beyond acute hospital care. ICD-10-CA also includes conditions and situations that are not diseases but represent risk factors to health, such as occupational and environmental factors, lifestyle and psycho-social circumstances.

Benefits of new version

ICD-10-CA represents the broadest scope of any previous ICD revision to date. ICD-10-CA is more comprehensive and specific than current standards and extends well beyond the traditional causes of death and hospital admission. ICD-10-CA is also more adaptable than previous versions, allowing for the addition of codes as new diseases are discovered. Both CIHI and Statistics Canada are represented on the Update and Revision Committee, a sub-committee of the WHO Family of International Classifications. Canada fully participates in the updating process with input into the decisions for both mortality and morbidity data collection.

Coding Structure

Information systems in Canada currently used to collect and store ICD-9 and/or ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes will need to be modified to accommodate the coding structure for ICD-10-CA.