Standards for Management Information Systems in Canadian Health Service Organizations
(MIS Standards)

The MIS Standards provide a standardized framework for collecting and reporting financial and statistical data on the day-to-day operations of health service organizations.


Core components of the MIS Standards are:

  • Charts of accounts;
  • Accounting principles and procedures;
  • Workload measurement systems;
  • Indicators;
  • Management applications; and
  • The glossary of terms.


Data collected and reported based on the MIS Standards facilitate:

  • Accountability reporting by managers for resource use;
  • Development of budgets based on meaningful workload and activity projections;
  • More precise resource allocation; and
  • More informed management decisions.

Nuclear Medicine — WMS

At the time of publication of the MIS Standards 2011, the nuclear medicine schedule of unit values was outstanding. This schedule is in the attached document: Medical Imaging Nuclear Medicine Schedule of Unit Values (DOC 214 Kb)

MIS Standards 2013

Core Plan subscribers can obtain the MIS Standards 2013 for free. To find out whether your organization has already downloaded the MIS Standards or is a Core Plan subscriber, please send an email to

The major revisions made to the MIS Standards, to be implemented April 1, 2013, are summarized here.

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