National Health Expenditures: How does health spending differ across provinces and territories?

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How does health spending differ across provinces and territories?

Health expenditures vary across the provinces and territories

How do the provinces and territories compare?
Province/territoryCost per personPercentage of budgetPercentage of per capita growth


Cost per person: public and private, projected for 2015.

Percentage of budget: Provincial/territorial government health spending as percentage of budget, projected for 20134.


National Health Expenditure Database, The Canadian Institute for Health Information

Canada (average)$6,10538%0.6%
Newfoundland and Labrador$7,03640%3.7%
Prince Edward Island$6,35237%0.0%
Nova Scotia$6,56046%2.2%
New Brunswick$6,31040%1.7%
Ontario$5,92041%decrease of 0.1%
British Columbia$5,87543%1.2%
Northwest Territories$13,88021%8.5%
Nunavut$14,059329%decrease of 0.8%


  • In the provinces in 2015, total health expenditure per capita is expected to range from $7,036 in Newfoundland and Labrador and $6,966 in Alberta to $5,665 in Quebec and $5,875 in British Columbia.
  • Variations in health care spending reflect differences in the population of each province and territory and its health care needs, as well as the organization of health services, health personnel compensation and the sharing of costs between the public and private sectors.

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