National Health Expenditures: Where does Canada’s health care money come from?

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Where does Canada’s health care money come from?

In 2015, about 70% of total health expenditure will come from the public sector

Who is paying for these services?

The public–private split has been fairly consistent since the late 1990s
2015 (projected)71%29%

Projected for 2015


  • Provincial and territorial governments: 66%
  • Other public sector: 5%


  • Out of pocket: 14%
  • Private insurance: 12%
  • Other: 3%


The Canadian Institute for Health Information, National Health Expenditure Trends, 1975 to 2014.


    • Since 1997, the public-sector share of total health expenditure has remained relatively stable at around 70%.
    • It is estimated that private-sector spending will account for 29.3% of total health expenditure in 2015. The private sector was made up of 3 spending categories, the largest of which was out-of-pocket spending (14.2%), followed by private health insurance (11.9%) and non-consumption (3.2%).
    • Services covered under the Canada Health Act, such as hospitals and physicians, are financed mainly by the public sector, while drugs and other professionals are financed primarily from private-sector sources.
    • Out-of-pocket expenditure accounted for 48.4% of private-sector expenditure in 2013, down from 58.1% in 1988.

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