OECD Health Database (Canadian Segment)

The OECD Health Database contains information on health care spending, health care services and health status among member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). CIHI and Statistics Canada maintain the Canadian segment of the OECD Health Database.


Most Canadian data originate from databases maintained by CIHI and Statistics Canada, such as the health expenditures, health services, and health professionals databases at CIHI and the demographic and vital statistics databases at Statistics Canada.

Data Elements

The OECD health database is divided into 11 parts:

  • Health status,
  • Health care resources,
  • Health care utilization,
  • Long-term care resources and utilization,
  • Expenditure on health,
  • Health Care Financing,
  • Social protection,
  • Pharmaceutical market,
  • Non-medical determinants of health,
  • Demographic references and
  • Economic references.

Download the OECD Health Database data elements.


The purpose of the OECD Health Database (Canadian Segment) is to:

  • support CIHI's mandate
  • collect and process consistent series of internationally comparable data for most of the 1200 variables contained in the OECD health database
  • facilitate international comparative reporting
  • support policy planning and decision making at the provincial/territorial and national levels
  • support related analysis and research by others

Data Quality

Through our Data and Information Quality Program, CIHI strives to ensure that the quality of the information in our data holdings is suited to its intended uses, and that data users are provided good information about data quality.


Data disclosure is determined by CIHI's privacy principles and policies. The OECD privacy policies demonstrate that its practices comply with these principles and policies.


  • Most recent year - 2008
  • Next release - 2009 (June 2010)
  • Historical series - 1960-2007

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