Zoom in on... the 2005 National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses (NSHWN)


Publication date: December 21, 2007

Results from the 2005 NSWHN indicate that "always" having mechanical lifting devices available can reduce injuries1. Regulated nurses providing direct care who reported that mechanical lifting devices were "always available" to them were less likely to report that they suffered from back pain and/or pain in other areas of the body. Overall, 77% of regulated nurses providing direct care indicated that lifting or transferring patients was part of their job. Of these nurses, 69% reported having access to a lifting device, and of those with access, 33% indicated the devices were "not always available."

The survey asked the respondents eight questions regarding mechanical lifting devices. The present analysis focuses on three of those questions: the first asked if their job involved lifting or transferring patients, the second asked if they had access to mechanical lifting devices and the third determined how often the devices were available for them to use ("always," "often," "sometimes" or "seldom"). It is worth noting that the survey did not investigate whether or not the devices were being used by the nurses.