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Medical Laboratory Technologists

Medical Laboratory Technologist Database

The Medical Laboratory Technologist Database (MLTDB) provides a source of quality information for registered medical laboratory technologists in Canada. The MLTDB aims to provide standardized comparative data and reports on the geographic, demographic, education, certification and employment characteristics of medical laboratory technologists in Canada.

The Spending and Health Workforce team at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is pleased to present Medical Laboratory Technologists in Canada, 2011.

This report provides the most recent statistics on the MLT workforce, including information on the distribution, demographics, geographic, education, certification and employment dimensions of the MLT workforce in 2011.

Featured Report

Medical Laboratory Technologists in Canada, 2011 includes

  • National data highlights and profile;
  • Provincial/territorial data highlights and profiles;
  • A Methodological Notes section; and
  • Cross-Jurisdictional Data Tables and Jurisdictional Profiles in MS Excel.

Download: Medical Laboratory Technologists in Canada, 2011

MLTDB Resources

Medical LaboratoryTechnologists in Canada, 2011 – Information Sheet (PDF 505 KB)

The medical laboratory technologist workforce is an integral part of the Canadian health care system and represents one of the key professional groups within the health care workforce in Canada. This information sheet provides a snapshot of key findings from the Medical Laboratory Technologists in Canada, 2011 report as well as information on the Health Human Resources department at CIHI.

Reference Documents

  • MLTDB Reference Guide (PDF) 1,347 KB—The MLTDB Reference Guide 1.0 is based on the Medical Laboratory Technologist Database Data Dictionary 1.0 and the Medical Laboratory Technologist Database Data Submission Specifications Manual 1.1.This version of the reference guide outlines the data elements, the rationale for collection, definitions of the data elements and their values, and submission specifications.
  • MLTDB Technical Notes (PDF) 575 KB—The MLTDB Technical Notes outline the basic concepts behind the data provided in publications from the MLTDB, the underlying methodology of the data collection and key aspects of data quality.
  • MLTDB Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF) 430 KB—CIHI is committed to conducting a privacy impact assessment (PIA) on each of its data holdings. A PIA assesses the possible privacy-related consequences of systems and practices for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

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