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Canada's Health Care Providers, 2000 to 2009

The Health Human Resources team is pleased to present Canada’s Health Care Providers, 2000 to 2009: A Reference Guide. This publication presents the most recent information from the Health Personnel Database (HPDB) at CIHI. The HPDB is the only national database of its kind that maintains information on such a broad scope of different health personnel in Canada.

About This Report

This publication provides aggregate, supply-based trend information, by province and territory and by year, and presents for the first time, information on the entry-to-practice requirements for 24 health occupations. Each chapter is profession-specific and delivers information on regulatory environment, entry to practice, supply and demographic trends and graduate trends, all of which are suitable for baseline information and analysis for a given health occupation.

In order to facilitate provincial and national comparative analysis of HPDB data, CIHI also produces the HPDB Provincial Profiles as a companion product to the reference guide, presenting health personnel data grouped by province.

Correction to Canada’s Health Care Providers—2009 Provincial Profiles

This publication contains information on 24 health occupations in Canada:

Health Care Provider–to-Population Ratios in Canada

These maps illustrate sub-provincial/territorial ratios using census divisions (CDs) as the geographical unit of analysis per 10,000 population.

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