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The Physiotherapist Database (PTDB) is a source of timely, quality information for the physiotherapist profession in Canada since 2007. The PTDB aims to provide standardized comparative data and analysis on the demographic, education, geographic and employment characteristics of physiotherapists in Canada.

Featured Report

The Health Human Resources team of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is pleased to present Physiotherapists in Canada, 2010. This report is the fourth annual CIHI publication focused solely on the physiotherapist workforce in Canada. This edition represents the continuation of a data series started in 2007 and compiled from administrative sources.

For 2010, the report includes the following:

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Physiotherapists in Canada, 2010 – Information Sheet

The physiotherapist workforce is an integral part of the Canadian health care system and represents one of the key professional groups within the health care workforce in Canada. This information sheet provides a snapshot of key findings from the Physiotherapists in Canada, 2010 report as well as information on the Health Human Resources Department at CIHI.

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