The resources for home care interRAI assessors page provides documentation to support RAI-HC and interRAI Contact Assessment (CA) assessors and educators. This includes products available on eStore, job aids and education information.

For more information about home care, including Analysis in Brief and other analytical reports, visit CIHI’s Home Care web page.

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Featured web conferences (no registration is required for these web conferences)

Session Title, Date and Time Link to Web Conference
No Sessions scheduled at this time.

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Self-study courses:

Course Title
727E-Getting Started with interRAI Assessments


Course Title Date and Location
272E-RAI-HC: Beginners – Coding Assessment

January 16, 2018 – Whitehorse, YK

Web conferences

Course Title Date
273E-RAI-HC: Experienced – Physical Functioning (HCRS) December 6
907E-RAI-HC: Beginners-Outcome Scales and CAPs (HCC) March 1
744E-RAI-HC: Beginners-Outcome Scales and CAPs, Part 1(HCRS) March 14
745E-RAI-HC: Beginners-Outcome Scales and CAPs, Part 2(HCRS) March 20


eQuery is a web-based tool that allows CIHI's clients to search an existing repository of questions and answers about coding and other related topics. If you are unable to locate an answer to your question in the existing repository, you can submit it to the Home and Continuing Care team using the eQuery link above.