Quick Stats

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Quick Stats are a series of free, publicly available, reports that provide aggregate-level data about health care in Canada. Unless otherwise indicated, the original data is provided to CIHI by Canada’s provinces and territories.

You can view this data in two different ways:
  • An interactive format lets you manipulate how you see the health system information. Choose from specific time frames,
    diagnosis groups, hospital types and so on. View a short Quick Stats video on how to understand and use these reports.
  • A static format has information in tables that are easy to print.
Type Statistics Topic
Interactive Data NRS Length of Stay and Length of Stay Efficiency of Inpatient Rehabilitation Clients Hospital Care
Interactive Data NRS Median Length of Stay in Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Care
Interactive Data NRS Primary Services Referred To After Discharge From Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Care
Pre-formatted Table NTR Minimum Data Set, 2010-2011 Specialized Services
Pre-formatted Table NTR Motor Vehicle Collisions in Canada, February 2013 Specialized Services
Pre-formatted Table Nursing Jurisdictional Profiles and Health Region Analysis 2008-2012 Workforce
Pre-formatted Table Occupational Therapists, 2015 Data Tables Workforce
Pre-formatted Table OTR Ontario Death Data Set 2006-2007 Specialized Services
Pre-formatted Table Percentage of Seniors on Public Drug Programs, by Number of Drug Classes and Age Group, Selected Jurisdictions, 2012 Pharmaceutical Care and Utilization
Pre-formatted Table Pharmacists, 2015 Data Tables Workforce


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