Priority Indicators for Providers

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This report outlines the process taken to update two sets of priority indicators for PHC: one for policy-makers and health system managers to support population-based policy development, planning and performance reporting; and another for PHC providers to support practice-based measurement and quality improvement initiatives.

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The set of priority PHC indicators below can be used within and among practices, organizations and health regions to

  • Provide a basis for comparing performance;
  • Support quality improvement programs and initiatives by measuring key processes and outcomes over time;
  • Support program sharing and performance monitoring; and
  • Identify opportunities for improvements in the health and well-being of the practice population.

To access the technical specifications for individual indicators, select the indicator label.


PHC Domain

Indicator Label  (PDF, 1 - 4 MB)


PHC services meeting client’s/patient’s needs


Wait time for immediate care for a minor health problem


Child immunization

Colon cancer screening

Breast cancer screening

Cervical cancer screening

Smoking cessation advice in PHC

Influenza immunization, 65+

Well-baby screening

Blood pressure testing

Screening for modifiable risk factors in adults with coronary artery disease

Screening in adults with diabetes

Screening for modifiable risk factors in adults with hypertension

Treatment of dyslipidemia

Treatment of acute myocardial infarction

Treatment of anxiety


PHC support for self-management of chronic conditions


PHC team effectiveness score


Blood pressure control for hypertension


Unnecessary duplication of medical tests reported by PHC providers


Maintaining medication and problem lists in PHC

Health Status

Overweight and obesity rate

IT Infrastructure

Uptake of information and communication technology in PHC organizations


PHC provider full-time equivalents